One Summer Dream

By Angus MacSpon

That summer, we sat and we dreamed of forever.
Balloons on a breeze, we knew we could never die.
The limitless shores opened endless before us;
We dared to look over the rainbow, beyond the sky.

As the days faltered past, we found to our sorrow
That dreams could be broken, or stolen, or somehow mislaid.
We aged, and discovered mortality. Somehow
The rainbows of yesterday dwindled, and faded away.

Now slowly the years tumble over and over;
The golds become greys, and we know that all rainbows must die.
But still, here in winter we dream of the summer;
And dreaming, we enter forever … and touch the sky.

(To Jeff and Ray, for the summer and the dream.)

© 1992 by Angus MacSpon • ContactWriting page